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Maybe you've seen me or my collegeau, Willem Nijs in magazines, or on television. A lot of people know huisverkopenmetverlies, thanks to the TROS radar broadcast. Willem Nijs is CEO of the company I just mentioned. He is the person on the right photo of this page. I know Willem Nijs for a long time now.
My name is Arno Wingen, I am the CEO of Systeem Makelaardij. I founded the company in 2009 as a continuation of Topmakelaars. I am the person on the photo to the left on this page. Nowadays are difficult times to sell a house with loss. When people sell their house, most of them have a problem. The value dropped and the mortgage is higher than the value now. This is a problem indeed, but we are very specialised in selling a house with loss. We negotiate with banks and now everything about NHG. We invented a new system in the times of crisis, very different from traditional brokerage. We put much of our effots in marketing and only take twenty houses tops in our arsenal. We work on a no cure, no pay basis.

Now what is interesting for you, the reader of all this. We are willing to give valuable information about selling a house with loss for free. We see a lot of wrong information on the web and we want to provide good information. So people have a base knowledge of what is relevant in the housing market, and in their situation. Based on 10 years of real life experiences.
Good and solid information is the first step in selling your house. It is highly important.