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Hello, my name is Arno Wingen from Systeem Makelaardij. If you are in the situation you must sell your house with loss, you are not the only one. The problem is, when you are in the situation it is very difficult to find trusted information. You find a lot of information what people have heard, from others. People who tell you how it approximately is, but when it comes to so much money, approximately just isn’t enough.
You want to know it exactly and this is also the main reason why we established
huisverkopenmetverlies (sell your house with loss). On the site you find information about a lot of situations, with a lot of different banks. Probably you will find your situation on our site. What is more important, the information you see is based on more than a hundred succesfully completed loss files. Based on our real life experiences. Not on what we think. On what really is.
When you are in a situation like this. It is most important to gather right and useful information. On a weekly basis, we get e-mails from people who are wrongly informed, or even not informed at all. Nowadays you get good information from banks. What still happens is people asking the wrong questions, or talking to the wrong person. Or not bringing all the facts to the table, because you forgot a few. If you are not occasionally in this situation, it is easy to forget something.
When this happens, the person on the other side of the phone, can not tell you the information you need. Exactly the reason it is highly important to gather information by yourself.
huisverkopenmetverlies you find the information you need. It is free from everything, no fees, no liabilities. You will get smarter from it not dumber.